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Welcome to our website about American History DVD Series which can be bought online.

Welcome to the American history website of Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past.  Sydney and Max are two kids who use their critical thinking skills to examine some of the most important events in US history.  Their adventures are captured in this American heritage dvd series.  The series consists of fifteen episodes that can also be downloaded directly from this US history website. 
The difference between the materials found on this American history website as compared to others, is that this US history website is for students.  Most sites consist of video’s that are directed towards, and starring, adults.  Sydney and Max are different; they are kids who are teaching kids and the episodes are specifically designed to educate kids by entertaining them.   

The idea behind the Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past is to raise the curiosity of students and encourage them to explore more about US history online.  There are many US history books online and in libraries; after doing the activities involved in a lesson highlighted by Sydney and Max, there is a good chance that students will want to seek out additional information and use their own critical thinking skills to discover more about American history.

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