Sydney & Max: For the Home School

A great resource for American History for Home School Education

Home schooling in America is expanding and so is the need for engaging, and effective, forms of home school curriculum.  The Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past series is a breath of fresh air, as it allows for a unique kind of education home schooling.  Instead of illustrating points with home school websites that are intended for adults, the Sydney and Max video’s supply a unique outlook that is aimed entirely at students.

The episodes not only cover the material necessary to fulfill home schooling requirements, they touch on every aspect of the newly designed common core requirements for American History.  The note sheets, discussion questions, and suggested lessons; have all been used successfully in classrooms and fit into any k-12 home schooling plan. 

What is most beneficial about the Sydney and Max series for home school parents is that individual episodes can be downloaded right from the website.  Each individual episode comes with its own worksheet, set of discussion questions, and suggested activities.  So whether you are teaching the entire curriculum, or just specific areas of American history, Sydney and Max can help.

One aspect of learning that has been steadily decreasing in our education system is the ability to develop, and enhance, critical thinking skills.  Sydney and Max Blast Through the Past is designed so that students will take a more analytical view of some of the most important events in our countries history and would be an important addition to any home school program.  

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